For forever

He was lost like some stone gulped in a lake. She was gone like some smoke in the wind. Together they had kindled a bonfire in a starry night, But they disappeared, when the dew came….for forever ! Advertisements


My perspective of what would paradise be like !

Day 36. Four Years

We were stranger until I saw her, we met once or two and laughed a few, I got her name and added on social Flowers were blooming around the corner I became friends with friends of her friends strolling together, excited and anxious hands in hands, first year ends. We met and talked, Got an…

Day 34. Precise Love

I don’t seek a perfect love a greatest timing some fairy tale or artistic moments rather I am happy in all your imperfections in your unpolished edges and rough patches I will be supportive in all your weaknesses in your lousy runs and tough lucks I do not even have the high expectations Neither I…

Day 31. Best photographs from my phone

It is not that I do not have a topic to write on, But today I have chosen to share some of the best pics taken by me from my phone Iphone 7 Plus. Most of these are pics of nature. I felt the need to share them as these photos always make me happy…

1. The Letter

It is the first part of short story. “Reborn”

A man who received a letter from a person who seem to be known to him. A single thought of that person brings the man in the state of fear of his past coming back to him.

Love Went Wrong

When I look back, It was you and me We were on a path with no destiny Nothing was hidden, we both were sure of it We underestimated the pain of parting I told you we will not take it too far When it is done, I promised to leave you alone I just cry…

I’m a big boy

When I returned to home everything had changed, even the familiar look on their face, though it was more of an endearing little smile flattered on me whole heartedly. I’m a big boy and I had been back to home first time in six months, that was expected. That extra tight hug from dad and blissful embrace…