7. The ConversationĀ 

I walked a few steps away from her. “Do you really have to go ?” She asked in a low sound. “Yes, I own a completly different life now” I said without looking at her. “And I do not fit in it” She said stopping me in middle. I turned to her. “You can fit…

6. The Burst

I looked at her , We made a proper eye contact, It was intense, it was deep. We kept looking at each other. We were meeting after 18 years, It was a long time. Our eyes were telling all the stories of past years to each other, Her eyes were speaking of the days when she…

5. The Old Man

“How long can you stay with me ?”She asked me, in a low voice. My wife was at home, waiting for me. She had prepared dinner like every other night. She must have been helping the kid to complete the school work and waiting every minute for me to come. She would be happy if…

4. The History

Its the summery of what happened between the two back in college days.

3. The Blueridge Bridge

It was the Friday Night, Blueridge Bridge was not a far sight. I was in my car moving towards the destination, every single second in the car was longer than the 18 last years I spent after leaving from her life and the college.  Memories that had fainted, were now alive, like a ghost sketching…

2. The Poetic her

It is the second part of short story Reborn.

Vipul reads out the letter and think about the girl who had sent it to him.

1. The Letter

It is the first part of short story. “Reborn”

A man who received a letter from a person who seem to be known to him. A single thought of that person brings the man in the state of fear of his past coming back to him.