Those days

Life was a struggle back then because you were afraid that fun will stop.

The rain will go away and with that your water games will end.

So much worries for a small mind to handle and so much of fun for a small heart to cherish.

Life was not as easy as you think it was. do you remember how afraid you were watching cartoon shows without permission of parents.

Don’t you miss those days when only thing you desired in breakfast, lunch or dinner was an ice cream or a chocolate.

and when it rained how you danced, jumped and slipped and got scratched knees. The struggle was real.

The struggle to pursue joy every moment, even if when you were walking straight, you hit those stones with leg.

and now life is easy, because you know how it is what it is. Because now you are not a kid anymore, maybe you are now aware of reality or maybe you are far fetched from it.


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  1. Beautiful thoughtful post, dear Vivek. Hope you are well.

    1. Hi thanks for coming ! I am good. Wishing you the same.

      1. Happy to hear that! 🙂 Wish you a beautiful day.

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