Hostel nights

There were nights which did not sleep. There was a room full of stories of school life, first crush and a budding friendship.

There were events which kept the lights on even if it was past morning. There were assignments to copy and books which were never opened.

There were nights full of laughter, Joking around and endless table tennis or counter strike.

There were nights when they shared secrets in the silence, missed homes yet never felt alone.

There were nights when they celebrated birthdays, Gave birthday bombs, got drunk, sang songs and danced in group.

There was an hour when hunger won the battle. There was a canteen which served the best maggie in the hour of need.

There were nights before the semester exams, Long nights yet not enough to cover the whole syllabus.

There was a first night and there was last, between these two , They had it all. The bearers of a legacy, The hostellers.


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  1. NIKHAT says:

    Macha dia reee

    1. haha machayengeee…. 😀

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