Major Surgery

There are very few things for which I am very passionate. The one thing I liked the most was my Bike. It was very close to my heart. I used to pick my keys , start my bike and go anywhere like the wind. It was my bajaj avenger 220 cc Cruise bike.

I had named it “dhanno”. It gave me wings, It gave me freedom to reach unreachable and explore the mysterious. I had rode it on the hills of uttarakhand, On the hanging laxman bridge of Rishikesh. I had gone to eat Parathey in mid nights on bike.

On one night I also faced a fatal accident on my bike. We crashed in the circle on a cross road. It was my bike who saved my life. My dhanno took all the casualty on itself. It crashed in a way that it gave her own sacrifice and we came back from death.

Its been five months since that accident and I have recovered almost completly. But my bike was still there in the basement eating rust and dust. Last Saturday I decided to get the major surgery of my bike done. I took it to service centre and asked them to bring my dhanno back to life.

Everyone who was looking at the remains of my bike was in shock. They were happy to know that I survived the accident even if my bike could not. I have left it to the service centre and it is told to me that a major surgery will be done and a complete overhauling will be done to fix my dhanno.

There were 27 parts which are required to be replaced. I do not have my bike insured so it is going to cost me a lot but I have to go for it. They have assured me to get my bike in 20 days. I have hopes that my dhanno will be back and I would be able to share my bond of love with my dhanno again.


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