Never Let me go

We keep sailing in our own world of Imagination

Last night I watched a movie “Never Let me go”. It is a movie
based on Kazuo Ishiguro’s 2005 novel “Never Let Me Go” . I really liked the concept of the movie. It is based on the imagination that there are clones who are raised in different institutions until they are become adult. Once they are grown up they are used as a donor to one who actually needs the organs. These clones donate their vital parts until they are complete dead

This movie is not about the science , or about the medical excellency. But it is about the humanity and life. I liked the way they tried to show in the movie that even those clones have the soul and feelings for their life. Even they fall in love, express grief and sorrow when they slowly move towards death after their third or fourth donation. They do donations of their because they think this is what they are made to do. They know their fate has been already decided so they go to sleep peacefully and die eventually.

When I think about it, We are somehow related to those clones. We have souls, we have the creativity in our hearts, Even we create the paintings and sing the songs and spread love and enjoy the feeling of being loved. When we grow up we are full of energy that have the potential to create a better place to live. But what matters is what do we do in our real life. We are always running towards a destination, We all have roles and responsibilities that we keep performing. We always live in a hope that one day we will have all that we ever looked for.

We cut our life a little everyday accepting it as our fate. We keep doing hard work, forget every little things we ever loved. We keep compromising with the situations and keep shredding our souls, until nothing is left. And we think this is what we are made to do and forget that there was the time when we had a load of creativity in our minds, lots of Ideas that could actually change the fates of many people. And one day we go to a sleep that lasts forever. We depart peacefully thinking that we have lived our life completely But do we really live our life ?


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