From the day they were together he caged her. He locked her in a vessel of hope. Suppressed her under the load of expectations and shattered her emotions. He burned her soul and brought only darkness to her heart.

Despite everything she loved him. Tolerated all the crimes that were forced upon her. Accepted all the burdens , Did not make a shout of all the pain. Her wings were tailored, Her dreams were destroyed but she did not left the hope of a better time.

Until one day she decided that she needed to jump, into the sea of reality and only the drowning into that sea could save her from her destiny that he had brought. She decided to leave all the baggage she carried and free up her weight. She jumped. She broke up.

He was left alone, with all the curse on his soul, In hands of nature who took revenge with time and made her witness of all the bitter things he deserved. All the wrong things he did came back to eat him with their mouth wide open.

She on the other hand was free, Reborn in the lap of nature served with all the beautiful delights which were kept away from her. She tasted all the sweet little things and flew high into the sky of success and love. Sparkled the rainbow of glory wherever she went.


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