Dodged A bullet 2/2

My friend had to suffer a lot. He remain unconscious on ventilator for 8 days. Even the doctors were in surprise to see him coming back to life after those days of complete darkness. It took a team of senior doctors to operate him. The operation theatre bulb was on for 8 hours. There were major operations that included screws, clamps and rods to make my friend stable.

It was a black period where we and our families went through a lot. But with the prayers of all and the luck that went our way we recovered and are now able to stand on our feet again. We may recover physically completley with time but it will take us a long time to move on from the trauma of that accident.

As told by doctors , we both pulled off a miracle to survive the accident. On one hand I had the fear of getting complete body paralysis while my friend was literally in coma for 8 days. This incident has changed my perspective towards life and made me realise how it feels to corner the death by just an inch which was literally on our way.

Today me and my friend were discussing about that night in office , sipping the coffee and wondering how we were lying all over the road covered in blood And pondering on a though what could have had happend if one of us could had not survive the collision. There was complete silence, we took another sip of coffee and laughed on each other again. By the way my friend’s walk is still not perfect and my neck is still not flexible like it was before but we have hopes.


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