Dodged a bullet 1/2

On the fateful night of 14 August 2018 , just before 3 months of my wedding, I met with a disastrous accident. My friend and I were on the bike when we crashed straight onto the divider of the road on a circle. It was the 00:15 AM, so there were no spectators to witness our fatal accident. Except for some policemen who came rushing at the spot after hearing the sound of collision which was like a sound of gunshot as told.

All that I could remember that when I opened my eyes, I was on a stretcher in a hospital crying loud in extreme pain. I was not able move and repeatedly losing my consciousness. Next thing I remember I saw some familiar faces who were asking the contact number of my parents. I told them after so many failed attempt.

Next time when I opened my eyes, I was in an ambulance rushing towards the Fortis Hospital , where my further treatment took place. I was taken into the Intensive Care Unit , They took CT scan two times to find out how many bones had a crack in my body. I was informed that my parents are coming and nobody told me what happened to my friend who was riding the bike.

I had many injuries , like skin loss at my fingers, joint space reduced of my knee. Some wounds in head and bruises, swelling, and bloody scratches on almost all over my body. But the one that got all of us worried was my neck injury. There were all the wires on my body in the ICU and I could literally listen the sound of my heartbeats in that total silence.

I was lying down and still not able to move even a bit. Doctor got me a neck holder around my neck and told me the reports. Luckily I had only one bone fractured of my body and it was my neck bone. In terms of science it was C2 – 2nd Cervical Vertebra. The C2 vertebra, is the second-uppermost of the vertebrae making up the backbone and of the seven cervical vertebrae at the top of the spine. I was told I am the luckiest to survive this fracture because almost all who got this injury get the complete body paralysis. I was able to feel and move my hands and legs , but I was not able to get up from bed.

I spend almost two months on bed , where it took 4 people to get me up from the bed everyday, And on one fine day I dared to get up by myself and was able to do so with a lot of efforts equaling to climbing a mountain. Its been almost five months now to that accident and now I am able to do most of the regular things in my life. Now I am almost 99% fit and also have joined the office.

A lot has changed in these five months, I have realized how lucky I got to survive the C2 bone fracture. How lucky I got to dodge a bullet which literally had my name on it. I am now able to walk and even a fast walk. My friend who was with me faced even worse situation. He was very serious and remain unconscious for 8 days. He was on ventilator for that period.

To be continued…


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  1. So very, very sorry to hear this Vivek. And relieved to read the end. I missed your posts and assumed you were too busy with your marriage. My prayers for everything to go smoothly and for you to get 100% back at the very earliest. Take care, my friend.

    1. Thanks Priya, It was a hell of a time. But now I am doing better than before. Thanks for your concern. Nice to see you too. 🙂

      1. Take care of yourself, dear Vivek and give your body time to heal. i am keeping you in my prayers. Take care.

        1. Thanks a lot Priya! These prayers are the only thing that helped me pull of the miracle of surviving this accident. Thanks so much. 😊

    1. Yes , I am good. Been doing all the things of daily life without any issues. 😊 Thank you for asking.

  2. arv! says:

    Indeed it is a difficult period and one hell of an experience. You are lucky to have survived all that you underwent. I hope your friend is better now. How did this accident happen?

    1. Thanks for your concern. I am good, Even my friend is doing good. He has also joined the office now. Our bike slipped on road and we crashed onto the road divider. We were speeding a bit too.

      1. arv! says:

        oh! Good to know you both are doing better

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