Do you have any memories which you want to relive ? Do you ever think of some past events of your life and wish if it could last forever ? Do you know any person who gave you the best moments of your life irrespective of how it ended with them.

Have you ever imagine a world where you can live in your best memories ? Would you trade your current life to go inside an imaginary world where everything that happens with you is nothing but a part of your beautiful memories ?

A world where the day start with a shiny morning with a colourful spring weather, where the flowers of all the colors that could exists are blooming in your back yard. Where you are standing in front of a fountain which is whistling your favourite tune. and your favourite pet dog Bruno whom you loved with all your heart is still alive and waiting for you to through the ball.

Where you are a kid who is loved by everyone. Where In afternoon you meet your best friend who really makes you laugh very hard, A friend who share an unbreakabke bond with you stays with you without any worry of getting apart in life. Where you smile when you see your crush everyday while attending the period of English class , A class which will happen everyday endlessly.

And in evening you grow up every day, and walk by the side of a beautiful river with the person whom you love, The person who you love the most but who does not really meant to be. But you are happy as you will walk with that person like this everyday because it is the world of your best memories. You kiss them passionately when the Moon glows in a cloudy night and you disappear at the perfect moment because you know it is the best thing to do.

A world where at one moment you are eating the best dish you ever had and watching the best movie you ever watched at another moment. One moment you are enjoying the best concert you ever watched and one moment you are going into deep sleep in the arms of your beloved mother.

Where you spend your nights with the love of your life and roam around the world and create best memories. Where you learn the happiness of selfless giving. A world where you dont miss the best things of life but actully live it everyday.

A world where everything that happens is nothing but one of your best memory. I would like to call such world the paradise or may be heaven. When I die, I would really like to go to heaven. A heaven which is made up of my best memories , A world where I am surrounded by everyone whom I love or loved. And relive the activites which made me most happy at one point of my life.

This is my perception of heaven. What do you think paradise would be like ?


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