Day 38. Do you need caste based reservation ?



We are a country divided in many regions, religions, castes and languages. We are so diverse in nature still we stand as one.

We claim that we do not discriminate people based on their beliefs, castes and language. But I have seen people having heated arguments due to their differences in thoughts.

I have seen people exchanging bad words to prove the high significance of their language. We often hear them discussing it loud and clear. But when it comes to castes, we still show our disagreement in its roots but in silence. And we stay silent on the issue of mismanagement of the caste based reservation in our country.

We try to be as careful to speak about it so that it does not offend the next person.

Recently I literally had a heated argument with one of my friend over the reservations availed by people based on their caste. The language of our argument still remained the decent.

How can we eliminate the caste barrier and discriminations based on castes. Can reservation do it ? The reservation has been their in our country for last 70 years. It was applied to the system by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar for 10 years and it was advised by him that reservation must be ruled out after a period of 10 years. But it still remained in our country due to different political gains of political parties. As removing it from the system could have hampered their vote bank. So we are still facing the curse of reservation in 21st century.

How successful the objective of reservation has been ? No, I do not see it. We still have the caste based discrimination at the root level in our country.

In fact the basic setting of reservation is screwed. They are lowering the cutoffs for reserved to qualify a test. They have declared that people from certain caste do born with little brain. How flawed that system is ! The reservation was created to keep the castes system in our country for ages.

So how can we eliminate it ? The best example I read in news some days ago that All the students enrolled themselves in a public school in Kerala without mentioning their caste. How beautiful is that ! They literally gave up their sir names. I was really pleased to hear this news. In my view they are the real heroes and have overcome the barrier of castes.

I suggest when a certain person faces the caste based discrimination, they should avail the reservation in all the departments. But it is their duty to devoid their next generation of reservation so that everyone can have equal chances to compete for going forward.

In this way we can remove the caste system in just one generation. If you do not need it, Do not take the benefits of reservation. Set an example for everyone to see like those kids of Kerala School. How fair it would be if the children of current president of India still opt for reservation ? Or is it okay for the ex Chief Minister of UP to avail the reservation for their next generation? Do you really think they need it ? No.

There are so many verticals of reservation on which we can talk about. But the only point that I am trying to make here is that we should take a step to remove the casteism. And the only way to remove it is by opting out of reservation benefits if you do not really need it. Do not make the certification of your castes until you face discrimination on the basis of your caste.


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