Day 37. Let it rain

The rains are always pleasing and soothing to heart, be it a rain from sky or from eyes. The rain brings the clarity, It washes away all the streets in town, trees seems greener and the sun rays seem brighter. In the moment of pain, when we open ourselves up and release a good cry, It makes us feel light, It removes the heavy weights of black clouds from the heart. It brings up the freshness by removing a big part of pain and sorrows that we possess.

When dark clouds covers the town and turn a day into night, we only hope rain to wash away all the sins and provide relief to mother Earth. The raindrops strike the Earth, and give it the moments of chill after all the heat it faced from the expectations of Sun. When we shed some tears, we actually find comfort in the extreme time of pain. When things get out of control and life seems disorganised, we cry and feel relaxed thinking that we still have control over our tears.

The girls who cry must not be named emotional and the boys who have tears in his eyes should not be judged. We must cry when we feel like and let the load off our heart. And when the clouds open its chest and it rains heavily on the ground, we should expect a rainbow to appear at the horizon to bring treat to our eyes and beauty to our life.


Vivek Upadhayay

I am never satisfied with what I have, and never Doubt on what I can conquer. I do not just look only in straight direction, because the world of wisdom is walking beside me and I also discover the sully soul on my other side, I am a camouflage of both. I turn around and try to walk backward to see what I keep within, deep, behind my back and accept the strokes wind puts on my face and make myself ready to get shocked any moment in life, because Things will change their shape and dimension in coming years, Good will become bad and bad will become the best. because it is what I have seen yet. Even me will not remain me, but my instinct will never change neither my love for certain things. So I surge up into the territory of stars, out of this world and try to find who I am today ?


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