Day 30. Supernatural things

Do you believe in everything that you can see and you can touch and perceive the surroundings as it seems ? Most of the times we believe in things as they appear to us. But do you ever think that there might be some probability of existence of things which we do not see with our naked eyes ? Do you believe in incidents which are out of reach of a Scientific explanation ? Here I am talking about supernatural things and paranormal activities.

I have been a big fan of American thriller tv series Supernatural. It is a story of two brothers who are portrait as hunters in the show and they fight supernatural things, kill ghosts, decapitate vampires, exorcise the demons, talk with angels and many more supernatural things. They serve the fundamental motto of their life which is saving people, hunting things.

After watching 13 seasons of the series, I found the thought of a world with supernatural things quite horrific. We know all of it is a mere fiction but deep down at our heart, sometimes we fear what if vampire, ghosts, Angels and Demons had existed in reality ? Infact there are so many people who have devoted their life to find the evidence to support their theory which proves that such things exist.

If I talk about myself, I believe in ghosts and souls. I believe there are angry souls who turn into ghosts and sometimes possess people. I have seen videos of chairs moving by themselves, books falling off the shelves and people under the possession of an unknown entity. For the matter of fact even I had very strongly felt the presence of someone besides me once, which left me terrified and awake for the whole night. I have seen a movie named “The exorcism of Emily Rose” , it was based on a true incident. The innocent girl was possessed with 6 ghosts all at once.

I do not believe in Vampires, werewolves, Ghouls, shapeshifters, Angels, Demons and so many lore Gods shown in the Supernatural series. Neither I believe there is a place like heaven or hell after death. Neither I trust the theory of Lucifer in hell locked in a cage or Michael guarding the heaven with his sword. These characters are shown very fascinatingly on the screen but I do not think they exist in reality.

I have seen documentaries on discovery channel about haunted houses. How there are two types of ghosts, the one which stays with the house and the other one move with the family. I strongly agree that there are some questions which are still unanswered and when we encounter them, we are left with no words to tell them with anyone. I have grown up listening stories of kings, animals and ghosts through my Grand mother. So I am very much inclined towards a world of fiction and fantasies. What are your thoughts on supernatural things and existence of ghosts, spirits and vampires ?


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  1. Thanks for your questions! i believe in angels and fairies….not because i have seen them or felt them but ….just because i feel happy and blessed thinking of goodness, love and guardians from heaven surrounding us. 🙂 Bringing smiles, harmony and love to our existence!

    1. Fairies are shown as a terrifying killer in Supernatural Series. 😀

      1. ooops — delete fairies from my comment 😉

      2. i thought they wore pink dresses had wings and magic wands — and fulfilled all our little hearts’ desires – for toffees, jokes and a cup of chai. 🙂

        1. Haha, yes they are pretty, and Every little kid love them. 🙂

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