Day 27. White Feather Angel

White feather angel

who listens to our prayers

and becomes our saviour

when we are in need

he who resides in heaven

up above the sky

and keep a watch on us

by his angel radio

where he tune it to the prayers

of the needy who call

he wear white wings

to fly and reach us

he possesses the divine sword

to kill the devil

and erase the pain

in case of a war

a war between us and us

he is followed by a light

the sparkle of happiness

to remove the darkness

of our life

he fights valiantly

with the yellow eyed demon

and gives us hope

despite of all the fears

he is the dazzling light

a glowing armour

which protects us

from all of the sorrows

he resides in our skin

along with demon

and makes us who we are

a mix of black and white

good and bad

pain and pleasure

we are both

the yellow eyed demon

and the white feather angel.


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