Day 26. Yellow eyed demon

The yellow eyed demon

who came to our dream

and haunted us

in the moonlight

who he stared at us

in the complete darkness

and we felt its presence

just behind our back

He who disappeared

when we switched on the lights.

he stays with us

day and night

He lets the wrong prevail

over the virtue of right

In the pinnacle of night

when we close our eyes

and cover ourselves with a blanket

he crawls with creepy hiss

under our bed

and takes his hand out

and pull our blanket down

we never ask in the morning

how half of our blanket

fell off the bed.

and we hide ourselves

and avoid to face

because we are coward

and too afraid

of yellow eyed demon

who stays with us

always, in one form or another

he brings the hell out of us

and rules us to bring disaster

to this beautiful world

makes us the destructor

of our priceless life

We are the the creator

and master

of our own yellow eyed demon.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You reminded me of my boarding days of primary school.😅😅

    I remember those nights and still today cold sweat runs through my veins…

    I remember, we had always been fed stories by friends and seniors (who were immature too) that our hostel stands on a land which used to be a graveyard (and all those fictions that someone was killed here, there, etc.). It was so deeply engraved in our mind that we never used to go alone in the evening or night. The hoodoo was so strong that we used to control and seldom went to even pee when we had that call of nature. 😅😥😅

    I believe that everyone in their early life sometimes drew fear from darkness, evil, etc. but nowadays people fear CHANGE, hard work but still believe in fairy tales. If only people back themselves to dream in daylight, augmenting same with actions, we will overcome whatever hurdle life throws at us ’cause we will then enjoy pain and understand that NO PAIN, NO GAIN….

    Awesome ending phrase…

    “We are the the creator and master of our own yellow eyed demon” 👏

    1. Yes, Even i was very afraid of dark that I would never go on the roof my house in the night alone. Now I live alone in complete house and it does not matter anymore.
      But I would be more afraid if things get a dramatic change all of a sudden. Even I had the same story in my hostel days that during the construction the hostel, two girls were killed and were cemented in one of the wall. Scary rumor it was.
      Thanks for coming on my blog and giving your valuable time. Thanks 🙂

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