Day 25. Cheenu

Hi There ! I am Cheenu, I am a magnificent white rabbit with red eyes. My name is given to me by my owner. I don’t really know what my name really means. I did not know it was my name for a long time because I used to ignore them whenever they called me Cheenu. But I have realised that every creature in this house has a name. For example whenever the mother of my owner shout at him with his name Sam, he reacts to it. So I have also learned that I also need to react in some way and make them realise I am listening to them whenever they say Cheenu, So I have now made an habit of raising one of my long ear whenever I hear word Cheenu and it makes them happy. So I kind of like it. Sometimes when I am sleeping , I open one of my eye to react to my name. or raise both of my ears in response.

White rabbit

As far as I remember I came to this house when I was very small, Sam brought me to the house in a pocket of his shirt and I was very afraid and very silent for few days because of the introduction of new faces in my life. But as soon as I got familiar with them, I realised that they are my family and they love me. They protect me from a huge cat sitting on the roof who is waiting to eat me anytime she gets the chance. They give me food, my favourites green leafs of vegetables. They make my bed where I never sleep, I like sleeping under the cooler on cold floor, where I could stretch my legs. Why do not they understand this ?

Mostly I like eating from their platea, Sometimes when they are having lunch on bed, I jump directly onto their plate, It gives me pure joy to disturb them. I eat white bread, a piece of potato and floor mixed with water. They give me comfort by rubbing their hands on my back and they let me sleep with them in blanket when it is too cold.

These fellas keep sleeping in the morning very late, while I wake up early in the morning, So it is very quiet atmosphere in morning and I do not like silence in the house, So I jump on bed and walk on top of every one. If they still do not wake up, I start to cut their hair with my sharp front teeth, which certainly gets me a reaction from them. Sometimes out of irritation they throw me in the corner of the bed. I really like it.


I have two long teeth which are really sharp. These are my real assets, I can nibble out anything with them. I have my bite marks almost on everything that I could cut in the house. I have eaten doormats, books of Sam, Clothes of everyone in the house, Wires of television and computer, Their slippers. I can not tell you how much I enjoy nibbling things with my teeth.

They really care a lot about me, Once in a while they try to kill me by drowning me in a bucket of water , They cover my all body with soap which stinks a lot and it makes all my fur go disappear. I fight a lot and give my best to run from this torture. They splash a lot of water on my head with mugs. After they are done with the process I run and sit in a corner beneath the bed, Where no one can even come close to me. I do not come outside the bed for a long time , I come only when I feel hungry or when my fur come back properly. But I should say that I feel good and fresh after some time.


They watch TV in the evening and I watch it with them, I have my place fixed, I sit besides Sam, I can not understand who are those people in screen and where do they come from so I fall asleep while watching TV. As soon as they switch it off, I wake up and run towards the study room where Sam study every night. I watch him studying for some time and fall asleep.

They provide me their hands but I do not bite on them, I lick on their hands with my small tongue, They really enjoy while I do it, I also take interest in the salty flavour of their hands. I am really happy to have them as my family. I thank Sam for bringing me to my new home.


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  1. So cute! I never knew rabbits are so much like little puppies – You’ve done a great job telling us Cheenu’s point-of-view in life — absolutely adorable! šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much for your nice comment and time. šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for your comment. šŸ™‚

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