Day 24. Backyard Blues

Lily had shifted to her new house in Wyoming state. It was a less populated street and She was there with her two briefcase and a two door wooden cabinet.

Her house was in Platte county, and from the backyard of his house she could see the small range of rocky hills in distance. She had got the house from her university professor for rent. She was waiting for her brother James to complete his High school and stay with her from next month.

She had a dead garden in the backyard of her house which was surrounded three sides by parched branches of dry leylendii. On the fourth side there was a wall of building which was partially destroyed. There was a small iron gate which was too old to hold the fort even for a single day. An imaginary wave of negativity was splashing inside her house through that door. It opened to the vast ground followed by small range of hills. This door used to take her to some gruesome incidents of her past.

She had spent only few days when the surroundings of her new house startedto get over her mind. She knew she had to spent about 4 weeks alone in the house. She found pleasure in daily house chores but in the evening when she turned to her backyard, She could feel that a cloud of sadness is encircling her.

Whenever she came to her backyard and stared through the gate, she could see her past in those dying parched hedge and solitary rocky hills. She always started to think about the gloomy time of her life and get sad of the fact how she had broke up with her boyfriend. It was a long time when it happened, and she had already moved on and never got so worried about her past but whenever she sat in her backyard she was always in those useless thoughts of how things could have changed if she had made other decisions in her life.

Her backyard was full of waste which the old tenants of the house had left behind. There was one broken cycle, most part of which had already corroded. There was one old iron chair in the corner which had only one leg. There were broken wine bottles near the gate of the hedge. It was rather a dump-yard than backyard.

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In four weeks, She was in negative state of mind, had evolved dark circles around her eyes and left with no zeal in her life. She cried a few nights out of no apparent reason.

Her Brother James moved to house and starting to living along with Lily. He was very surprised to see the depressing behaviour of Lily and observed her cheerless approach to things for some days. James noticed how Lily was a better version of herself in the day but sad and dark when she spent evening in the backyard of the house.

James did not took too long to understand it was her backyard blues. And planned to take some action for its remedy. Lily left the house for the prerequisites of her college degree in other town. She returned to Platte after two days and was unaware of the fact that James had a surprise for her.

When she went to the Backyard in the evening, She was in utter shock to see the changes in the garden. All the dumps had been removed, they were replaced with beautiful pots of small plants. It was greener than ever, dead and dried hedge had been replaced with railings of lively bell-flower. Shaking door had been bolted and there was no opening left for any negative vibes. She was the happiest as if all the problems had been vanished from her life.

In few weeks it had the positive effects and her intriguing past had left her forever and she was now even more joyous when she sat in the backyard. She could now think of her bright future and plan things for her better life instead of dwelling with her past. Backyard blues had long gone with all the dumps in the garden.


We all have a backyard in our life where we store the useless things that we should let go. And whenever we visit that backyard we find ourselves standing confused at the crossroad of present and past. These are the unwanted feelings which we do not let go and it makes us rot from inside when we hold it for too long.

What are your backyard blues and what do you hold up there ? Why are you not able to let it go and who is the James of your life ?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dwelling in the past can only tie us down… It there are good memories, take inspiration from them and if they are bad, take lessons… Making mistakes can only hamper us if we let them, if we learn from them, it is gonna make us stronger….

    Making Mistakes is Natural, letting them into our head is a matter of choice… Even the most successful people have dark past, but what define them is not their failures but their perseverance and the success they henceforth achieved…. Cheers to Mistakes and Cheers to Life…

    1. Thanks for the words. I appreciate you for coming on my blog and leaving beautiful comments.

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