Day 18. Mountains or Beaches ?

What are you more fascinated of ? Mountains or Beaches ? On one side we have hills and mountains, loaded with long trees and capped with snow, one natural barrier between two lands, giving ways to valley and originating rivers. While on the other hand we have a place where land officially ends, opening itself to vast ocean, an habitat, most part of which is still unexplored by humans.

A view through Kausani hills in uttarakhand

Where would you like to go for a refreshing break. Do you like the view of sun setting and drowning in the water at horizon , or you like a Sun emerging from a peak of a hill. I do like being in the shelter of Mountains rather than on beaches. But choices may differ from person to person. In North India we are more familiar with mountains compared to South Indians who have been to beaches more often than us.

Chandipur-Beach rail yatri blog
Chandipur Beach

I have been to so many beaches. I have visited Chandipur, Puri in Odisha, Both of these cities are at coastal line. The best beach I have ever been to is Chandipur in Odisha and Harihareshwar in Shrivardhan. It is on the western coastal line of India. Chandipur was the cleanest and less commercialised beach, so I liked being there because of a peaceful environment and Harihareshwar was special because it is a mix of small hills and serene beach and the road which leads to this beach is too beautiful to describe.



Chandipur once again

Marina beach in Chennai is close to my heart as it was the first beach I ever visited in my life and it was one special experience, The Juhu beach in Mumbai was too dirty and water was literally black. I visited Puri beach in Odisha two times and visited the one of the most beautiful and significant Jagannath Temple. Luckily I experienced a heavy rain at beach, it was also one rare chances to see a heavy rain at sea shore. In Goa, I witnessed the night life at beach and stayed at sea shore for almost all night. I never liked coming back from the beaches.

Endless beauty

But my love for mountains is immense compared to that of beaches. I have been to a trek at Triund recently and when I was on the peak I could feel what would heaven look like. I enjoyed the snow very first time in my life. It was the best evening of my life, standing on a hill top, watching red Sun disappearing on the horizon colouring all the mountains orange in my vicinity. The moment was as classic as it goes.

Blue sunset
Orange mountains (No editing)
A view of heaven (No editing)

We camped on snow and spent a very hard fought night on the top of a hill covered with snow. It was a freezing cold night we spent in sleeping bags in camps. I literally got a panic attack due to cold weather and suffocating camps and sleeping bags. Overall it was once in a lifetime experience. I went to Uttarakhand trip and was in an awe while driving my car between mountains of immense sizes. The hanging bridges connecting two mountains and noisy river flowing between them make the view even more majestic. The terrace farming in Ranikhet and view of Himalays through Kausani hills forced us so many times to stop the car and come out on road and observe the beauty of nature.

Kausani hills farming
Mountains loaded with snow
Amazing Sun rise at Triund

The experience of being at Rohtang Pass during Manali trip was extra ordinary too. Being at a height of 13000 feet where the air was so thin that it makes heavy to breath, makes you realise the more hard work you do , the more beautiful result you get. The beauty of all those colossal structures is impossible to put in words, and capture in camera. The enormous mountains, deep gorges, vastness of oceans, and a view of endless water is capable to make us think how small creature we are and how little significant our issues are.ย If I would have to choose between Mountains and beaches, I would go a place where I could find a mix of both. Specifically I like hill stations more. Where would you like to go ?




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  1. Incredible pics! No able to make up my mind — is it not possible to take two vacations? ๐Ÿ™‚ One by the beach, another by the mountains? ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

    1. All pics are taken by me, except for one. I really am a travel freak.

      1. Wow!!! You are really going places. Thanks for sharing them — so we arm chair tourists can also enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Cereus says:

    Breathtaking pictures!

    1. thanks , they were more breathtaking in real, I could not capture the real beauty. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Anonymous says:

    Trip to the Mountains and a new one every single time (thanks to the great himalayan range we have in the north) enthralls me time and time again. A travelling bug or as we call it in hindi เค˜เฅเคฎเค‚เคคเฅ‚ is what defines me aptly. I can go on travelling for days and days and won’t be bored.

    As far as if it is the matter of choice, I undoubtedly would choose the mountains. Not because I haven’t been to beach and all, in fact I have visited Bok Kali in Bengal, Kanyakumari in South, Serene beaches of North Goa and comparatively calm waters of Diu, but because when we travel to the mountains we are served with uniqueness of its kind each and every single time. We are gifted with views of Valleys, Gorges, Devdaars, and the Rivers, to say a few…

    I have covered a substantial part of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand and gunning up for Devbhoomi Himachal now. Triund as you point out was covered by me on New Year’s Eve last year but we missed the snow by a whisker as it did occur when we were descending on new year’s day….

    Trip to Munsyari in Uttarakhand and dive in Bhagirathi in Harshil valley remains etched in memory as fresh as it happened only a week ago…

    Turtuk, Pangong Tso and Nubra Valley in Ladakh has its own charm that is unparalleled and when we say Kashmir, I really enjoyed Sonmarg, Pahalgam and of course Gulmarg in Winters. Tawang in lower Himalays too enthralls with its equal share of valleys, waterfalls and breathtaking views especially view through the clouds.

    India is blessed with mountains and we ought to be thankful of the natural beauties we are bestowed with.Be it beaches or the mighty mountains, we must pledge to keep its serenity and purity intact. We should vow to not use plastics in the mountains and if we have to use it for whatever reason, we must ensure the wrappers, plastic bottles, etc. come down with us or is disposed off in right manner such that it does not hamper the ecology in any way… โœŠ

    1. Wow, it is great to know about your experience. Whenever I am in the mountains, I feel myself much closer to the nature. I have to Manali, Rohtang Pass which was an amazing experience. Once I travelled and made a circle in Uttarakahand, I drove for a week through from Delhi to Nainital, Ranikhet, Kausani, baijnath, Rudraprayag, Karnprayag, devprayag, Shrinagar, Rishikesh, Haridwar Delhi. One hell of a ride, I was the only one who drove the car. Enjoyed a lot.

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