Day 17. Things I am afraid of

There are quite a few things that I am really afraid of.

I am afraid of breakdown. The failure of the system which makes us all capable of living together. This world is a very big system which has been running smooth for millions of years. I do not want human activities to lead the breakdown of this beautiful ecology, I do not want life to go disappear from our planet. We always participate in marches holding the placard of “Save this planet”. The planet is not going anywhere, it will stand where it is, the only thing which would extinct is life, which came in existence after millions of years of evolution. A system which is a result of a process of millions of years should not go unstable and get destroyed due to the human practices.

Even the breakdown in our life is nasty, it can take place due to some incidents which changes our life such as loss of someone close to us, bitter breakups, taste of failures. All of these incidents takes us to the valley of depression which eventually become the reason of breakdown of our personal life. I despise even the feeling of a breakdown.

The second thing I am afraid of is time. Time is a very powerful entity, It is only time which can create mountains and stop the flow of a river. No Kings in the history who rule their kingdom could win against time, All of them lost when their time came. Time is the greatest creator and destroyer as well. No beauty, no power, no strength and no desire can stand against time. Biggest of the bridges, Tallest of buildings, most intelligent species on Earth and even this Earth would vanish with time.

Humans are capable of doing magnificent things and will get even more excellency in their achievements in future, they have controlled flow of water, intensity of fire, direction of wind and so many extra ordinary things but they will never be able to control time. So I am afraid of this fourth dimension called “time” which is out of any control and always keep moving. So I do my best to utilise my time in a better way, because what I am doing today will come to me tomorrow.

Rest are the worldly things which keeps coming and going. I do not consider rest of the physical problems as frightening as Breakdown and Time.

What are you afraid of ?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Breakdown is of course something everyone should be wary of… If human system breaks down, time can be of little use if we do not have strength to bring ourselves from ashes or if we do not have the POWER OF ASSOCIATION of true friends…

    Time, I believe, as rightly pointed out, is the single most strong entity which will prevail over anything unless there is a wormhole…..

    Enjoy time because if we truly enjoy time, breakdown will never happen as we will never have time to get depressed because we will then have friends to pick ourselves up…

    1. I really appreciate your words. Thanks for adding a beautiful spark to my blog. 🙂

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