Day 15. Busy Holidays

This is going to be a short post because I have been so busy lately.I have been so busy in past two days that I could not find any time to write on anything, I am barely able to get 15 minutes out of my busy holidays to crate a post. We generally find oursleves busy on a working day, but what we can do if we are too busy during our planned holidays too. The effect is hysterical and I surely am gonna find some moments of rest in my office from tomorrow.So many things happened this week, I have shifted to my new home and hosted many relatives at my place. I thoroughly enjoyed their company and laughed almost all the time. We drove and roam around Delhi, Had a shopping session at Chandni chowk and Karol Bagh and a short trip to India Gate. Every night we are arriving really late at our home, be it late night show or late night stroll around our society. Now my leaves are officially over and I am gonna have some relaxed moments at office from tomorrow. 😜


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