Day 14. My beloved ॐ

I was on a trip to Manali when I decided to get inked. It was a completely random decision which I made on the spot only. I went inside the tattoo shop and started to look for something cool.

There were so many tattoo designs and when I saw the Om among them , I knew this is going to be first ink on my skin. And I decided to put Lord Shiva on my forearm. So this is it, A session of little pain and the ink had placed. I bore a tattoo of Trishul and Om on my hand and I feel this is the best that I could have.

Trishul is a symbol of Lord Shiva and has a great significance in Hindu religion. It is supposed to be a weapon of Lord Shiva and other Godesses and its importance also increases when its held by Lord Shiva or Any other Goddess.

When looked upon as a weapon of Shiva, the trishula is said to destroy the three worlds: the physical world, the world of the forefathers (representing culture drawn from the past) and the world of the mind (representing the processes of sensing and acting). The three worlds are supposed to be destroyed by Shiva into a single non-dual plane of existence, that is bliss alone

And There is an Om also in the tattoo. Think of “Om” as the phonetic spelling and “Aum” as the actual spelling. The sound of “Aum” – the slow, calming chant many associate with the word, is the sound that was made when all of creation came into existence. The essence of the universe and all creation, wrapped up in one unimaginable and indescribable aggregate (for lack of a better term), is known as Brahman. The “Om” represents the four divine states of Brahman – metta (loving kindness), karuna (compassion), mudita (sympathetic joy), and upekkha (equanimity). Brahman is actually a core belief system in both Hinduism and Buddhism, both of which use Om regularly in their daily life.

So, just the sound of “Aum” is so beyond human comprehension that it boggles the mind, and then there is the symbol as well. Just as Brahma is the culmination of everything, so is the Om symbol. I feel so great with this permanent addition in my life.

(Some references are taken from wikipedia)


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