Day 13. Who created your destiny ?

Do you believe in destiny or think that we are moving forward in this life randomly ? Had you ever predicted 10 years ago where would you be after 10 years or have you ever compared your current life with the life you had exactly 10 years ago ? So much has changed right ? If you would meet your version of 10 years ago face to face, you wound find that person naive, a person with less knowledge and less wisdom, a completely different person with different lifestyle.

Your thought process, your life and people in your life everything has changed drastically in 10 years of span. How did this change take place ? All of a sudden or at a slow pace changing a little bit every day ? Just like your hair and nails which grow up everyday and you notice the change in some weeks. Just like that, Life changes it course over a period of time based on our habits and action, and we can notice it only when we realize everything has changed.

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I believe in destiny, and trust that I am what I am today not just by a chance. There were so many instances and moments in my life which defines my present day. If I had made different decisions on those moments, my life would have been completely different. My destiny is also partially made by people who have been with me in my life. If I had not met with some certain people in my life, I could have been at a different place doing different things or even not giving my time to writing.

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So I trust we are the makers of our own destiny and we make it by our actions and decisions and day to day practice. It also depends on people who we meet and who we make friends and those ideals too whose steps we follow and our aims in life what we like to be in future. And above all it is governed by the master plan of this universe, a spiritual entity which we are not even aware of.

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When we do good things, only good things in our way and we become brave enough to maintain our integrity and do good things, a good luck walk along us.The proverb says it truly “Luck favors the brave”. So lets take a pledge to introduce good habits in our life, think logically before making a decision, be influential to others in a good way so that we can be proud of a person that we become after 10 years.

Cheers to Life !!!


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  1. Kr ABhishek says:

    There are no accidents in life… only a master plan, which is governed by the decisions we make….


    1. Thaks abhishek for your valuable words, I am glad to see your comment. 🙂

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