Day 11. Filling The Spaces

All the people in this world are so busy that they have almost forgot what they are actually living for. In order to secure the future they are missing their presents. All the future plans, and a quest to attain stability are the most important issues in our life. Yes these are issues because these plans and stability goals have made us like a machine which is always busy in completing a task after task. Moving towards stability is not a bad thing but the problem is that we are not enjoying the ride. Yes , this life is a journey and if we do not enjoy the ride, what’s the point of it ?

In this movement towards the ultimate destination we only get a few spaces, where we actually live our life and forget about our long pending issues. These spaces are the halts where we stop and take a feel of our inner strength and cherish that as the best moment of life. The point of concern here is how many spaces we take or have in our life, How many times we stop and feel the magic. And above all how many times we try to feel the magic even if we don’t stop.

These spaces are our free time. A lunch break between working hours. A vacation in an year. A 30 minutes yoga session in the morning, or a me time, either in your room or on a beach or on cliff of a hill. How we fill these spaces, What we do in it and what we learn through it. How we absorb these moments and what goes through our mind when we are totally in peace. How many times we let ourselves soaked in the beauty of nature.

We should be trying to get more of such spaces in life. These spaces can be attain even when we are in a running bus and constantly looking on the moving road. Or we can get these halts when we are on a trip with our friends but for a moment we leave themselves and sit alone by ourselves on the rocky platform and look at the almighty sea at a distance. We can find these spaces in rain drops splashing on the street, or in the cloudy sky which changes its shape as we see it.

These halts are made of moments of watching a squirrel eat its walnuts, or two birds chirping and kissing each other, or some ducks quaking and splashing water in a lake. These moments lies in the face of a baby who smiles innocently on our funny actions. These 5 minutes of solitude are special and makes us realise life is beautiful in chaos as it is in pauses. Lets fill these spaces more beautifully like spaces between red bricks of a house filled with white cement of such moments which makes it look even more beautiful from distance and full of strong vibes when we are close to it. Cheers to life !


4 Comments Add yours

  1. BEautiful! At the end of our life what will we remember? The deadlines we met or missed — the trophies and awards? Or these sweet special moments? Love in our heart and peace in our mind. Love this reminder — and the pictures you have put are so sweet too. Thank You! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your kind words and putting your thought. All pics are taken by me. 😀

      1. Beautiful pics! Thoughtful words! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Kr ABhishek says:

    Cheers to Life…

    “… life is beautiful in chaos as it is in pauses.” 👌

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