Day 7. My Love For Trains

There is a strong relation with the trains and the events that took place in my life, Whenever I have travelled across India in train, my life has changed for good. My every train journey has always given an interesting turn to my destiny.

I love travelling in trains and I have spent so many days travelling in Indian Railways. I have travelled in every reservation except for 1st AC. I have enjoyed being in premium trains including Shatabdi, Rajhdhani and Duronto Express. But now as I have been moved to Delhi, I don’t get a chance to travel in trains very often.

When I was in Rourkela, My journey time in train was 26 hours one side. And the longest I have travelled in a train is 34 hours. Mostly I have travelled solo and enjoyed my own company. The time that I spent on train was a real me time. I wrote articles during my journey in trains, I got lost in thoughts while looking out at the scenic beauty from AC coach window, I read novels and listened to complete playlist many times. I met so many people on trains, listened to their stories, told them mine and sometimes had a word of wisdoms with some.

While going from delhi, The fist beautiful view that struck you are the grand plateau of Chambal, You literally can not take your eyes off them. Then you cross MP and enters Chattisgarh rich with small green hills, and the whole route is mesmerising. The route from Pendra road to Bilaspur is so green and full of small hills and rivers, I never missed the scene, Often I enjoyed the beauty from the gate of the train. In that journey of 1500 kms from Agra to Rourkela, I crossed rivers, bridges, Tunnels, and hills and still never felt that I am so away from my home. One thing I can tell you for sure that the route of Indian railways tracks is too beautiful to miss.

I have solo travelled to Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ranchi, Bhopal, Bhuvneshwar and I never missed anyone and I never felt alone. The more I travelled in train the more I became aware of the Indian geography and its terrain and the more I felt connected to people from different states who spoke different languages.

My next Journey in train is in one month and it is quite special as it will change my life forever. And that journey needs a different post with focused details.

You want to see how beautiful India is ? Book a ticket in the train with longest journey distance and go on an awesome scenic beauty route.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nikhil Agrawal says:

    Beautiful. Train journey gives so much experience really.
    Your article gives the picture of my own experiences.
    Beautiful Keep it up.

    1. sach me , train se UK jaate bhai…!

  2. Love this piece – brings up so many beautiful memories. Indian Railways ki Jai! Bharat Mata ki Jai! Thank you. 🙂

    1. haha thank you dear… its always fascinating to travel in train. ☺️

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