Day 3. Reserved Parking

Today when I went to my bike parked at my society, I got two sticky notes on it’s seat. One says “This is a reserve parking, Don’t park here”

Second says “Sharam karo” (Shame on You)

There was a sticky note on an another bike parked at the same parking spot, which notes “If you park here again, You will be responsible for your flat tyres”

Well ! I really appreciate the parking owner for this gesture to convey the message. Yes, I have been parking my bike in the same parking space for last two years, and it was not my parking space. but the judgement day had arrived. Even though the parking owner did not have a car and he also parks his bike on the same place, It had never been a problem for both of us for last two years.

But now, in some previous months, new tenants had shifted in the society who have been parking their bike too on the same spot. Sometimes the bikes were parked in a way that it will become very difficult for any one to take their bike out when required.

My car has already occupied a reserved parking and I do not have any more of them park my bike. Today in the evening I parked my bike at a different place hoping that judgement day won’t come anytime soon for that place.

I do not have an issue parking my bike at a different place as in very few days I am moving from this place. The only thing that matters is the unknown relationship of sharing the bike parking spot has been broken due to a third person’s bike. And it has been ended with no hustles , no melodrama, but with two beautiful stickies. 😅😭

PS: I have never met this person whose parking space I was using for last two years. All blame of this separation goes to that third bike.


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  1. Kr ABhishek says:

    Symbiotic relationship always suffers when a parasite creeps in…

    *symbiotic term is a bit altered here as only U were availing benefits of the relationship…

    Kudos to you though for respecting the two stickies and graciously leaving the spot that never belonged to u…

    Hope the new place has space for both your vehicles…. Ta..

    1. haha… yes , i was gracious enough to use the spot for two years. Thanks for the words. 🙂

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