Day 1. Life and its existence

Photo Source: Tiny Buddha

I am still trying to figure out what this life is all about ? In this Universe , A world exists on a planet where billions of people are trying to settle themselves amidst the chaos. Even if we are nothing, we are everything. We have seen it all (As far as we claim) and seek to explore the wonders of this Universe which are beyond our reach.

What would be the meaning of everything if there was no life at all. Those huge planets with no life, They still exist. They are there, moving around in a black space, stand gloriously in infinity but with no life. They still have their own life, what if it is monotonous, alone, with no emotions. It still exists.

Even if there is no life on those planets, They serve their purpose in this universe. They are situated strategically to help Earth nourishing life on it. And eventually gives us a beating heart. It is a pure indicator of how big things can create small beautiful instances. And it goes opposite as well. A small gesture or little initiative can turn the whole tides.

For me life is a miracle. It is a beautiful creation made by whole universe with their Mega efforts. We can not waste it. Cheers !


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  1. Kr ABhishek says:

    “…. situated strategically to help Earth nourishing life on it”

    Best line… It salutes the dedication someone puts in to achieve something great while giving up its right to be appreciated….

    Salute to anyone who lost oneself in serving bigger purpose….

    1. Thank you Abhishek for your observations! 😊

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