Removing the Darkness.

Its been quite a long since I posted something on wordpress. I always keep thinking and sometimes some thoughts do strike my mind and I really wish to write them , But duhh, It doesn’t happen everytime !

Life is getting slower these days with a very little productivity around, And days are passing really faster making it even worse! It has been quite a few months with a little excitement and joy to do something interesting ! It’s kind of boring, long hours of sleeping and two weeks on bed due to viral fever !

The only bright part is that I have purchased Iphone7+ and really amazed with the photos that it takes. I have been taking some pics with it to keep myself going and clear these black clouds of doing nothing and removing the sadness of spending days of zero productivity. I am returning to wordpress as it always gives me pleasure to write and post something, it really really makes me feel good. I am posting some photos taken by me in past weeks , I hope they will make you happy and positive and I wish the same for me.

This was taken at a field during a road trip !

This photo I took at Archies Gift Gallery !

This photo was taken at Trade fair Pragati Maidan Delhi.

This photo was taken at night under a street light !


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  1. Wonderful clicks!! Particularly the last one where rays are penetrating leaves is just beautiful ☺️

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