Adding Relatives on Facebook

Do you know what happens when you add your relatives on your facebook.

  1. Your facebook feed is all about Pictures of that kid who is born with a face of Ganesha ! And those in which you are forced to write Om in comments for a better future.

  2. Your every single picture that you post is analysed and given points on the basis of Values and Sanskar it reflects. For example

A. Your picture with a beer bottle in hand will label you the characterless person , It will not even spare your parents on that. Sharing a double meaning content will do the same.

B. Your picture with a girl by your side will fetch you lots of comments demanding her identity and your relationship with her. It will also get you Approvals and even disapprovals from relatives.

C. Your picture with a temple in background will give you as many compliments as a girl gets on her pout selfies. And comments will be all about Chanting of Gods name.

D. And an act of sharing a picture of God, or a photo of a little girl who is kidnapped will get you maximum points and make you the superman and most responsible person on Earth.

  1. You never ever can think of giving a sarcastic comment even to your friend, A query about this will definitely come into your inbox by any relative as they never get the sarcasm.

  2. Every thread in comments sections will always be of two types, In one of them you are insulting your friends and in other one you are giving respect to your relatives. There are great chances you may end up doing reverse of it.

  3. There is no way you can separate world of your relatives and the other world of your friends. And when these two worlds collide, Outcome is always disastrous.

  4. Your facebook feed is more like a nuclear bomb, in which you are very cautious of doing anything. A reaction can start anytime, It may escalate even before you blink an eye and explode.

  5. Your most serious status or a thoughtful post gets a comment like “Good morning Beta !” In fact they come up with different Good Morning pic every morning. and you have to face it every time you open facebook first time in the day.



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