DJ Wale Babu

"DJ wale babu mera gaana baja do" , it was the time when I literally started to puke. It was the song which got played and turned my thoughts into actions, and I took a step further to give some people moments of their life.
It was a nasty weather, all hot and humid, The lawn felt like a wet bulb, and these stupid people, wet in sweat, kept dancing on the floor for past 2 hours.
It was a torture of thirty minutes of slides named "Memories" played with a background of very cheesy Yaden song from bollywood, which literally got played in loop for million times, It was followed by two hours of what I described a dance session from these really hell hound people who were drenched in each other's sweat and wet more than a footballer in a ground playing football.
You won't believe, I was sitting in my chair sound and happy until my father introduced me a so called realtive from my home town, whom I had never met in life and would probably mever meet again. It became a hell of a ride when my father forced us to sit together and arranged his chair right by my side. My father, you don't know him, he is a real killer in these things.
They kept dancing on all the cheesy songs of 90s . Its really good that they had their moments, but they ruined mine. Even if they were dropping a nice beat some times here and there but still I dont know why I was hating them with the core of my heart. I was praying for them to stop for the sake of God.
I was not moving from my chair as there were always two persons on my back literally holding onto the handles of my chair, to grab my seat at the next opportunity of me getting up, sometimes dropping a drop of sweat on my shoulder. They were all over me. I was not feeling well and was hating every bit reason of my existance on this earth.
I was waiting for my parents to get the dinner and constantly looking towards the food stall if they are done or not. Dinner had just started so I had to wait a little longer.

"DJ wale babu mera gana baja do". It was the time I literally got annoyed. All the puke was coming up on my throat on looking the stinking sweaty people dancing on the floor. I got up and left my precious chair, As soon as i got up two people literally tore each other for the chair. I cursed them real bad and let my chair go. I was cursing everyone at the moment. I moved towards the DJ floor, All I wanted to give everyone a punch on their face and then ask how the hell they are dancing in such heat. It was too hot that I was about to explode. All I wanted to give chokeslam to that aunty who was yelling "DJ wale babu mera gaana baja do" and tell her "What the hell Aunty, DJ is playing your song for last two hours and still you are not satisfied, Have you left any shame in your moving ass ?"

I took my first step on DJ floor with all my impossible intentions to give a punch in everyone's neck around there and loose some bolts around, And I joined them in their sorrow life which seldom got such moments of Joy. As soon as I started to dance and threw my hands all over the place , All the rayta that I had eaten with rice and daal just came out my mouth, which was followed by a stream of swallowed rajma which I had eaten earlier. Another splash of half mashed potataos with mixed coldrink fell on the saaree of over aged Aunty who was continuously flaunting her out of the world big side sad cleavage. I puked all pver the place and tried my best to give it my best shot. A last big Jet of crunched and wet brown sluggish material, I dont know what I had eaten, came out of my mouth and it literally made small kid who was continuosuly dancing on his one leg sunk into it. They didn't even realize all of this until one boy slipped in my vomit and fell down right on the floor, A Michael Jackson fell on the slippery moon that I had just created.

Dj was on, People in aghast, left the floor and rushed to bathroom. I was calm and relaxed. It was my moment and I ruined it for all.


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