Modi’s Pic in metro



For those people who are sharing pic of photography is not allowed in delhi metro and Modi ji is breaking the rule. Please be aware that he is the Prime Minsiter of India and he may choose to go places with the guests coming from other countries by his convoy, rather he choose to travel by Delhi metro because he wants to show the world how strong and easy Metro rail structure we have in our country, It is just a step to advertise our heritage to world and show them how we are progressing in technical front. For that to take place it is very important to make it a world wide coverage. Even Doordarshan once live telecasted the whole metro Journey of PM.
2nd point : he went to Akshardham with Aussie’s PM, We all are aware of fact that Camera is not allowed in Akshardham temple premises, But all the important pics were captured and posted to world because it is very important to show world what we have by giving it a due coverage.

3rd point : Its not allowed for common people to take camera at president house, but President Mukharji’s handle on facebook keep posting his pics of activities such as meeting with deligate persons every other day. It does not mean he is a violater , it only means that its important to show world our main activities.

So dont be stupid and please think logically !


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