5. The Old Man

“How long can you stay with me ?”She asked me, in a low voice.

My wife was at home, waiting for me. She had prepared dinner like every other night. She must have been helping the kid to complete the school work and waiting every minute for me to come. She would be happy if I come 15 minutes earlier than usual, She would be fine if I get home in time. She would greet me with a grinned smile if I am half an hour late pointing her finger towards the watch, I would get a call from her if I am one hour late. She would be worried and all hell will break loose if I am not home in two hours. 

“I can stay with you as long as you want” I did not know what compelled me to say this to her, But I thought everything would be fine.

“There are some little things which has brought me here to meet you.” She said while looking over the river.

“And what is that ?” I asked.

“I met an old man a few weeks ago, I saw him everyday travelling in the same Metro, He was a mysterious kind, a little different to others, I couldn’t stop wondering about him where he go everyday in well attire, in a formal suit, polished shoes and a face firm like a stone, no emotion at all”

“One day I followed him when he left the metro, It felt like he knew I was following him still he chose to ignore my presence behind him. I kept following him until he reached to the end of a closed street. He stopped his steps and turned towards me. To my surprise he was shocked and was afraid when He saw me. I too was bewildered, did not know what’s coming next, He came closed to me and got hold of my hand bent his head on my hands and started to cry like a child, I did not know the reason of his pain, but he cried for the next 5 minutes even I couldn’t stop myself crying on seeing him in such condition, When I tried to ask the reason of his crying, He did not say me a word, and looked at me wiping his tears and walked away from me, leaving me completely puzzled ”

I was listening to her with all my concentration, She kept going with her story.

“In next few days, I searched about him and found from the locals that he is not as old as he seems, He lost his wife and two kids when a fire broke in his apartment one year ago, He was travelling abroad for his business meetings when this mishap happened. When he came to know about his loss, He was completely broken and couldn’t collect the reason and courage to get over this incident.

He travels daily in the same metro in good attire to see his old home where he used to live in a hope that he will find his wife and children. Some people say it was his wife who loved him more in formals some say he was in formals when he first came to know about the accident for which he always come in such well formal dress”

She took a pause and looked at me.

“Oh my god that is really sad, no person should bear such pain in their life” I said to her with shock, I was aughast.
“It struck me so deep that I couldn’t stop overanalysing my life, I thought of the person whom I have always loved so much and Whose absence could totally end all purposes of my life, just like that old person. ” She said while she was relating herself to the old man, Her tears were visible on her face.

“And that must be your husband” I said while i wiped her tears”

She looked at me with eyes full of tears and said

“It was you”


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