4. The History

We were stranger untill I saw her,

we met once or two and laughed a few,

I got her name and added on social

Flowers were blooming around the hostel

I became friends with friends of her friends 

strolling the campus, excited and anxious

hands in hands , first year ends.

We met and met, Got an habit

Shared our secrets, promised to keep it.

We joked and laughed almost on everything

We listened to our heart bells ringing.

Flowers were rich with scent and colors

We became more than friends

I scratched a stone and let her read

I love you , be my girlfriend instead

With a nod of yes, Second year passed

We were ardent lovers in a making,

laughing more and dating

breaking the bounds fooling around

Flowers grew out of the ground

We counted stars, sang the songs

on a bed of clouds we kissed and moaned

Love in Night and care in day

Third year went away.

Fourth Year was a little bit gruesome

we talked little less and fight little often

once out of track

we couldnt make it back

things became worse, worse became worst

Flowers were dead around the hostel

We quit, got hurt and silently cry

we left each other without a goodbye

We were again stranger, I never saw her.

Fourth year ends, with a heart full of dents.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Subodh Pandey says:

    Four years of journey,
    On my phone Redmi3s.

    I read the history,
    Finally you solved the mystery.

    Happy, relaxed and now I’m wise,
    Again a love story with no surprise.

    But I liked the way you write,
    Appreciated your work given a like.

    Thanks for sharing it with us,
    Wishing you all the best !!!

    1. hehehe thanks bhai !!! 🙂

  2. Shivee❤ says:

    Wow, This was so amazing😍
    The way you write is wonderful.

    1. Thank you shivee for going through my blog. really glad you liked it 🙂

      1. Shivee❤ says:

        Most welcome❄💕

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