3. The Blueridge Bridge

It was the Friday Night, Blueridge Bridge was not a far sight. I was in my car moving towards the destination, every single second in the car was longer than the 18 last years I spent after leaving from her life and the college.

 Memories that had fainted, were now alive, like a ghost sketching the painful love of my past in my eyes and blowing it up with life.I was thinking of the day we left the college and how fast I had moved on with my life, got settled, how I made myself available to the ones when they needed me at times. How i surrendered myself to my loving wife, who would give all of her love to me till the end of her life, My kid, My Job, My achievements, What more could I have asked from my life. How happy I was for the most of times, and How sad I was for the rest of it, How I felt shattered after two shots of whiskey and never disclosed the plethora of my pain to anyone and Never uttered the ultimate emptiness of my life even to myself . How I hid all of it under a brilliant shining smile.

But a moment of embrace had arrived, A moment to embrace the truth, to complete the blanks of my life. Bluridge Bridge Had arrived.

I stepped down from my car and walked in the darkness of the bridge, in a cold night with the gusts of winds on my face I kept walking into the dark and with the fog clearing its way, I could see A shadow of girl, with a greyish face shining under the moon and wavy hairs at the other end of the bridge.

She was Neeti.

As i walked, she turned towards me, and we made an eye contact, her face was shimmering with her patent smile.

“How, in this world you got my address, I thought I will never see your face again” I said in a low voice yet surprised. I saw at her face, mesmerised by her beauty, She looked even more beautiful than before. Her shiney eyes were twinkling as they were now full of light.

“I never knew you were so pessimistic” She replied with a surprised tone. Her wide smile was not leaving her face.

“Are you in real, or I am in a dream. I can’t believe you are standing in front of me, and I am talking to you nearly after 18 years”

She laughed and pinched me. “Do you feel that, Its me, Neeti”

I couldn’t say anything but noticing her beauty.

She was shivering with cold, I offered her my jacket but she denied. We didn’t speak for next two minutes. 

I was staring at her and she was looking at her face in my eyes. 

I didn’t know what to do, I moved forward and hugged her. She laid her head on my chest. It was not an awkward moment, It was the bliss in despair, it was the warmth in cold night, It was the perfect fill of the long blank of my life.

“How have you been” I whispered in her ear.

“I am good” She said with a breaking voice.

“Why are you crying Neeti” I asked with a gentle tone.

“I am happy”. She smiled wiping her tears. 

We left each other arms and were back again in reality. Surrounded by a chilled and sharp wind over blueridge bridge which had witnessed a moment of noisy hearts in a silent night.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Payal says:

    I feel.like i am reading some novel of chetan.bhagat..u r damn gud…

    1. Thank you so much for liking 🙂

  2. Annu says:

    Can’t wait for next part .. wish next sunday was tomorrow. Wonderful narration !!

    1. Thank you annu, for keeping me edited and motivated 😀

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