1. The Letter

It was one regular morning when the door bell rang. I went to open the door half in sleep, Who could be there on the door so early in the morning?” I thought.  I noticed It was already 9 am.

I opened the door, and a man with big glasses in brown uniform was staring right at me. He had a lots of envelope in his hands and a pen in other. He handed me one of the envelope and landed his pen onto me to sign the receipt.

“This is Shanti Vila and you are Vipul , Right ?” He confirmed.

“Yes” I said. “Who is it from” I asked waving the envelope in my hand.

“No sender address”. Postman said. “Please sign” He seemed to be in haste.

I signed the papers , came inside completely puzzled.

After getting comfortable on the couch I checked the envelope. It said “For Vipul Mehta”. The writing was Familiar. A wave of fear flew in my head as I tried to recognise who could it be from. I tore up the envelop and slide out the letter from inside .

As soon as i had a vague look on the writing on the paper, I knew who it was from. 

I was shocked and my heartbeats paced up. My eyes were wide open and I was completely out of the sleep. I was so involved in my thoughts that I did not noticed my wife had came to hall , I realised her presence only by her question. “What have you got in your hand ?” My wife asked me with a cup of tea in her hand.

“No , What , Nothing” I didn’t know what to say, I was sweating.

“Some useless credit card template” I made it up and left the hallway as soon as I could. 

I came in my room and put that letter in my Laptop bag. To avoid any more question from my wife, I got ready for my office and disappeared from my home without even having breakfast.


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