New Story 

Hello everyone, My dear followers and wonderful readers, I was a little busy in drafting a short story. Soon it will be out on my blog. Its in parts, every part moves the story towards its end. I would post them one by one at a fixed interval of some days.

Its a story of a married man, Whose monotonous life takes surprised turns when his old love comes back in his life without any prior notice. The story would tell how he tackles the fight between his hunger for love desires and his strict duties to his wife and family. How he try to fill the cracks of emptiness of his life with the help of an incomplete love of past.

I will post first part tomorrow. Stay tuned. I hope you would like it.

Thanks ! Cheers !


Vivek Upadhayay

I am never satisfied with what I have, and never Doubt on what I can conquer. I do not just look only in straight direction, because the world of wisdom is walking beside me and I also discover the sully soul on my other side, I am a camouflage of both. I turn around and try to walk backward to see what I keep within, deep, behind my back and accept the strokes wind puts on my face and make myself ready to get shocked any moment in life, because Things will change their shape and dimension in coming years, Good will become bad and bad will become the best. because it is what I have seen yet. Even me will not remain me, but my instinct will never change neither my love for certain things. So I surge up into the territory of stars, out of this world and try to find who I am today ?

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