Late Night Thoughts

Always I think about a day when black clouds looked beautiful and that gloomy rain which brought night in a day. I think about that beautiful morning when I witnessed the life rising from the sky. That starry night which kissed me on my lips. I think about the sea shore and the peace it gave to me. I think how I felt when sea waves touched my feets for the first time. I think about that flying butterfly who filled me with sparkling colors. I think about the mountains who made me realize how small I am. I think about my first Air travel which made me realize how small our problems are. I think about that first drawing which gave me wings of imagination. That first piece of writing which was too dumb to show anyone yet so close to my heart. I think about my fluffy friend, who gave me a comfortable sleep. I think about the best icecream I ever ate. I think about that person who gave me the best gift ever. I think about the tears I shed while missing someone. I think about my life. And then I go to sleep.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    V nice, Vivek

  2. ReVitellect says:

    Thoughts racing in an idle insomniac’s mind. Relatable.

    1. Thanks, I am obliged for your comment ! 🙂

  3. waliiz says:

    Allow your thoughts to roam and you can re-live those beautiful moments. Late night thoughts are like a closed chest which one opens to re live that moment once again.

  4. inaloveworld says:

    “how small our problems are.” It is so true. From my point of view, human beings are the Highest Creation and problems are illusions.. Wonderful thoughts!

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