2017 Bucket List

Hello to My dear Blog followers and to everyone who reads it !

It is my first post of this year, so it must be special. Like every year, I have too many expectations from this year too. And by Year I mean by Me. Obviously !!! So I have decided to follow some routines to give myself the treat of good habits, which I suppose will lead me to a more fruitful life. And to make it possible, I will take care of following things this year,

  • I will try to be more punctual. Be it any place, like work, classes, gym or meetings.
  • I will try to wake up early. Yes, I will not sleep after 10 AM for sure.
  • I will write more often this year, i promise myself to post not less than twice a month.
  • I will read books that I have queued up in my closet.
  • I will regularly go to gym and track my eating habits.
  • I will save more and spend less this year.

I hope you all have some goals for your life too which means to be completed this year. May you achieve even more than your target. Lets spread love, laughter and happiness this year. Happy new year to all !!!

Cheers !!!


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