We are actually living someone’s dream life.


I have always wondered how far our desires can go ? we may aspire to have an personal office on the 40th floor of a high rise glass building with a view of the beautiful city all under our table, or may be we can dream of having our own garage with full of low rise convertible super luxury cars. Or may be a desire of having enough money and a big empire to cater our all wishes without any worries. we may still be seeking for more and more and more.

A hunger of achieving more and a thiirst to be more powerful can never be fulfilled.

Another prospect of life can be just opposite of what we are living right now. A society of people still exist around the world whose desires are just to achieve two time meals a day, and for them it is a matter of success and happiness to achieve it on day by day basis. There is a gap in our society where desires of some people are actually the basic needs of one’s life, their biggest desire is to lead a low profile down to earth life but those desires are piling up and disappearing down in dump in the gap that has been made by us. The depth and size of that gap is only increasing every day. Its only me, you and every one of us can contribute to minimise the difference and decrees some of their paim, because we are a little privileged to have a plate of food on the table without having to face so much difficulties as they has to face for the same.

how we can do that ? a simple question sometimes needs a simple solution, A problem can be solved if we really understand what the real problem is. and to understand the reality and dig deep into the issue we have to jump into the world where desires are dealt with requirements of living. we can solve there problems by walking in their own shoes, or may be on the path of thrones which is made for them by their destiny.

If only we could feel the same pain and lack of basic things they are going through, we could take a step in the right direction to cover the gap of poverty, pain and dismay in our country as much as possible.

I am ready to walk on a path they walk on, to feel the heat, to feel the anxiety of hunger they feel when they could not afford one time meal and I am ready to endure all the thirst they face to complete one day of their life without getting hopeless and disappointed. Then only you and I can think of a way to get them out of this and bring to the level where most of the world is actually present right now. I am ready to bring my desires down to a level where they cover only by basic requirement. I am ready to stay happy and spread happiness by giving all that I can give from my side.


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