Sky, You are princely, in my favourite colour blue You show off your majesty carelessly. You are at top of everything, a symbol of victory. You are in me, I am in you. Even if you are so far, you seem to kiss Earth at horizon and give way to Sun rise above it.

A bird with its wings find shelter in your Bristol, A wingless cloud too floats in your realm and add beauty to your grandeur. Be it land, river or sea you cover all like godfather. You are the protector, provider and Preserver.

You know no border, no countries. You are one for all. I know you feel. You have a sense of pain, pleasure, panic and peace. You show it to me in the evening, when Sun bids goodbye to your territory, variant colours on the veil tell all about your ecstasy and agony.

In night, your beauty has no limits, when stars sparkle and moonlight smites your enclave. A shooting star, and a desire, you put it on your portiere.  You are above, miles away but I feel you in my heart. You are the role model of what I see in the mirror.



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