Diary of a Son


He wakes up and feels something missing. He leaves his bed and walks sleepily to his mom’s room to get a glimpse of her face to start the day. His mom is not there, she has left to village to see her father.

She will come tomorrow, his father informs.

He nods gloomily.

He goes on to live his day like every other day, but he misses something, he misses the presence of someone who protects him. He misses the tickling of love. He misses the relief in his life. He misses his mother. He notices it is the first time in his life that he is not going to see his mother’s face for the entire day.

He notes it down in his diary. “The worst day of my life !”

Years Pass. So many years.

He wakes up. He looks at the breakfast on the dining table that maid has prepared for him. He calls his mother to listen to her voice and start his day.

He lives across the state. Indulged in his job, away from his mother. Missing her presence with every tick of clock. Living in the midst of void and all the success that he has achieved. He mostly knocks on the door of unfilled desires of being with her mom.

He tries to cover the loaf of sadness under the curtains of appraisals he gets and decides not to reflect his sunless life to anyone. He somehow manages to return to his home after six months.

His mother waits for him, Cooks his favourite dish from her old hands.

He arrives home, see her mother’s face after six months. her eyes are shining like a star, she is a little weaker and older than before but still beholds the same love in her eyes. same love he had always craved in her absence. He absorbs her love and try to fill void of his desires as much as possible for next six months to survive.

He notes it down in his diary. “Best day of my life !”



Vivek Upadhayay

I am never satisfied with what I have, and never Doubt on what I can conquer. I do not just look only in straight direction, because the world of wisdom is walking beside me and I also discover the sully soul on my other side, I am a camouflage of both. I turn around and try to walk backward to see what I keep within, deep, behind my back and accept the strokes wind puts on my face and make myself ready to get shocked any moment in life, because Things will change their shape and dimension in coming years, Good will become bad and bad will become the best. because it is what I have seen yet. Even me will not remain me, but my instinct will never change neither my love for certain things. So I surge up into the territory of stars, out of this world and try to find who I am today ?

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