Reservation in General

“According to the Buddha’s doctrine that they believed in, it was not the caste that defined a person high or low. It was one’s deeds that mattered.” Caste is not in blood, Its in the minds of greedy to divide people and cherish the reservation in every aspect of life to make things easier for them

In the modern society where caste system is a barrier to the development and prosperity, we always search for the ways we can eradicate caste system. To uproot a system we have to dig its root at first place. Castes are the stratification of people from lowest to highest existing in India from pre vedic time. People were differentiated and mal-treated just because they belonged to lower caste for thousand years.They were killed, punished and used as a servant for a very long time. Higher caste people were privileged and considered to do anything they want.

If we talk about present, me, as in general never felt any reward or privilege in my life for being a general caste person compared to those who were lower in caste to me. Infact, I am feeling the force just opposite of that.  People I was surrounded with and I never saw any instance of discriminating a lower caste person. I never treated my fellows bad based upon their caste.

But when I grew up I faced the bitter reality of caste system. I came to know how caste system has been injected into the nerves of our country and eating it alive. I faced the injustice propelled upon me for belonging to a particular caste. They told me I have no rights on half of the jobs that can serve India. They pushed a rule upon me that I can not take admission on half of the government institutes seats, they crossed the limit  when they declared me financially well  and asked me to pay fees for other students also. They proclaimed me as an intelligent breed because I belong to a particular caste and so they raised the bar for me. They did not even give me scholarship that I deserve. They snatched everything away from me.

If they could, they would have tried to reserve everything that comprises in our country for the lower caste. Fresh air and water for reserved, polluted for general. Why dont you reserve half of my house for the lower caste on the name of bloody equality. Why dont you proclaim that general caste can live without food for days and take my plate of food and give it to lower caste. You can reserve half of the beds in a hospital,  half side of roads and bridges, half of all the facilities offered by Indian constitution to a lower caste because according to your logic we general caste are super humans and we can live without these things. Go ahead because these are the only things left which are not reserved. Because providing reservation in opportunities for the lower castes is the only way to remove caste based system in India.

Now I raise my voice against the inequity and the discrimination I am facing in my own beloved country. They played with my fundamental rights of equality by taking away everything and reserving it for lower caste people. I ask them the reason of my suffering and weight of my crime ? I never knew belonging to general caste is the biggest crime in my own country. They discriminates me because I am a general caste. They showed their double standard in article 16 of Indian Constitution referring it as Equality in Matters of Public Employment by cutting half of the chances off that I might have used to serve this country. This whole system is wrong, everywhere I see only double standard.

I belong to general caste and it is the biggest tragedy of my life. And more than that its the tragedy of my country.


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  1. Oh, how firing the words are! The world of today runs by depriving someone by something and mounting some other one with that same something. It is unfair to face these unquestionable acts in the name of equality. It is becoming so easy to demolish and ruin the general caste people in the name of reservation for the mistakes done by someone ages back.
    Certain issues can’t be altered even when everything moves to new approach. Acceptance is the only word that should be exercised.
    Well written👍

  2. David says:

    I savour, cause I found exactly what I used to be having a look for.
    You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day.

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