Coffee and an Old book 1


             I poured black coffee that I prepared mixing all the tasty ingredients in right amount as I always desired into my white mug, and felt the shiver in my spine as soon as the perfect blend of chill of that cold morning and hot moisture flying out of the mug touched my face. While kissing the surface of the coffee from the edge of the mug I picked up an old book from the almirah of my grandfather. I settled myself in lobby on a chair stretching my legs on the table in front, under the cloudy sky in a hope that Sun would appear from the grey sheets of clouds within some minutes and will brighten my face with its warm sunshine. I looked at the book on its faded hard cover which appeared to staring at me with same excitement. I did not actually know who was the first possessor of that vintage book or in how many hands it had been, before it reached to me. I could not stop myself to observe that old book as closely as I can. The delegation on the back side of the book reflected the courage of a veteran who had hardly survived in an ancient war to protect the values and cultures of a monastery. The book as soon as got into my grip made me feel vintage too as a proud owner of an old treasure whose worth would be counted by every single word written on its pages. A word which was far heavy than a mount of scenic beauty and whose worth was more than a pile of gold. Every word expressed a story beneath its fading ink which was most probably fifty years old. The pages which had turned to yellow seemed to give me memories of an old secretly placed leaf of a sunflower which was forgotten due to the long course of time somewhere between the folds of pages. Every page was a memoir of some untold history of a sunflower leaf itself, too beautiful to see, too delicate to hold and too mysterious to understand. As I opened the first page of the book, My eyes were open in surprise of delight on reading the first holy line by the author who had sprinkled the charm of his writing in the age which seems to be around mid nineteenth century.


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  1. ANNU pandey says:

    Terrific ..

    1. vivekexpo says:

      Thanks annu for terrific comment… 🙂

      1. ANNU pandey says:

        You have an impeccable sense of choice of words and your way of expressing has a realistic touch. Honing up your skill with each writing.

        1. vivekexpo says:

          its my pleasure to have you on my blog, and really really thanks for your comment. i am obliged and cheerful reading your appreciation. 🙂

  2. oindrilla says:

    superb sir!!! amazing…

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