Perks of A Government Job

                    What was in your mind when you were preparing for a government job ? To get a secure job, a lifetime of privileges, to accumulate enough money for the rest of your life and if possible for your coming generations also. This is the dream of every single person who seeks a job in government sector. And when you finally conquer it you are the happiest as you got yourself into govt job by utter hardmanship and years of dedicated preparation for that opportunity. And finally you announce the official employment by government. No doubt you are talented and an eligible candidate to receive so many facilities provided by the government. You are the luckiest as this job brings the satisfaction of safety and a lifetime source of money. Who wouldn’t be happy on getting a package of twelve lacks as a fresher, a secure job and almost all the basic things like electricity, house allowances, car petrol in free that too for life time. Now you are proud as you will be on the chair which was previously occupied by an another govt employee who you have just recently replaced and Working In the office which is responsible for an operations of national importance. And that is the job which ends all your worries. A nine to five working shift with so many kinds of leaves you can avail. Lets celebrate for you who is working for government of India whole heartedly. Let’s celebrate because so many people can only dream of what you have achieved. Government jobs are best as it gives a lot to its employees. And it is the responsibility of its employees to give almost all of it in return to the citizen of this country. Maybe it is the reason you are given with the power and are there on the top. Or maybe this job is only for fulfilling your own dreams, visiting places on the expense of government, keeping the tank of your vehicle full because it has been provided in free. Grabbing all the basic things more than required because it is what you deserve. Who cares if you are enjoying your privileges a little extra than you actually required. Who cares if you are sleeping in office and putting your clients on hold and deals on deadlines. Just because you are in government job you can do what you want, have a buffet in a five star hotel and you can reimburse it by showing the bill. Who cares if so many poor are sleeping hungry tonight. Its none of your business to feed them. Dumb are those who are working 12 hours in a multinational company and are still hand to mouth when it comes to their monthly bill. they should also prepare for government jobs and live their dreams. 


                        From the day of independence every person who went into government jobs lived an elegant life and worked to arrange enough money for all their generations to come. And hence the government jobs became a dream job for everyone because they thought it’s the best they can achieve and forget that they have to work for this country instead for themselves. Some Exceptions are everywhere. Who tried to work for the welfare of citizens and who tried to give best to society were either killed or forgotten. If you observe it closely a government job is the most important and critical job with lots of burden for anyone as the nation depends on them. But no, nation doesn’t come first, its always their personal life, personal enjoyment, individual comfort, individual bank account statement and all the privileges comes first. Who gives a damn about this country ? So be happy as you are in government job, fulfil all your personal dreams, taste all varieties of tea, stay in the best hotel, take a dive into the pool of luxury, walk on the golden bricks, do everything that you can dream, because government giving you all in free, because this is why you have opted for a government job. isn’t it ?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. So true! My dad is in Indian revenue services and he lives well 🙂

  2. if he is dedicated to his responsibilities then its all worth it…!!!

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