Meaning Of Love

Who can define love ? The one who is in deep love with someone or the one who is being loved ? I guess both can define love equally. Love is the base of existence of this universe. For me, love is a divine feeling, love is walking barefoot, in a cold night on the sand, taking hands in hands. Love is choosing to take rest on someone’s chest even though you have the most comfortable mattress to lay on. Love is holding someone’s hands in the peaceful meadow and find your life blossoming like a flower in the spring. Love is following someone’s steps when they reflect ideology and walking besides them when they are balanced and covering them from the front when they seek support. Love is becoming the luminary in dire need of motivation and becoming a clown when she needs to laugh. Love is building a home if not a castle, a room if not a home, a shelter if not a room, and adjusting with the situation happily and believing that our love needs no castle, no big cars, not a perfect life that we had thought earlier to prove the authenticity of our affection. Love is in small things, like
Meeting each other after a long time and not loosing the grip of hands, not moving your eyes away from each others face, and keep hugging with your eyes closed. Love is in the big things, like understanding each other in tough times, having patience if things are little rough, and a positive vision when future is little vague. Love is noticing the small things which no one has never noticed about the person you love, like how her lips moves when she smiles, how a pinkish hue covers her face when she blush, and how she loose control of her body when you come close to her. Love is the feeling when you fly in the plane for the first time and see the Sun at horizon, love is the feeling when you see the sea for the first time and feel the hugeness of nature. Love is the feeling when you climb the highest mountain and sit on the edge of a cliff. Love can be most luxurious at times and most common at some times. Love gives you the ability to fly high and your feet stay at ground, love gives you the power to find calmness in the anarchy. Love gives you the freedom to make your life beautiful by painting the canvas of life with the most beautiful colors you keep within. Love is becoming favorite of your favorite. Love is realizing the beauty of a soul and making them aware about it too. We may be made of 70% water but love comprises 100% of us. Love is pampering each other for their talent, accepting the flaws and finding the ways to touch the glory together. Love is easy, beautiful and natural.


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