My sister met with an accident today. This terrible news came to us by phone in early morning when my Jija ji informed us about the accident and called us to come as soon as possible to the local private hospital where they were taking to her for initial surgery of her leg. I rushed to the hospital with no seconds to waste with my mom who was crying endlessly and my father. I helped my jija ji shifting my sister from car to stretcher and later we rushed to the operation Room. My sister was crying in extreme pain and all of us were tearful. She had slipped from her scooty when a strand animal out of nowhere came in her way on the road. Xrays were done, Doctor came in emergency and it was told and visible to us that A part of her left leg between knee to her ankle was severely damaged, It had fractured at many places, and bone of her leg was visible as it had been bended and came out tearing the skin. After an operation of half an hour they stitched the wounds and made plaster bandage on her leg. Her cries of pain were so loud that it made awake all the patience of the hospital. We brought her home with the help of an ambulance after three hours but we will get to know about the conditions of her leg after three days. And doctors told us we might need surgery if we want to see her walking soon, otherwise it could take six months as the leg was completely damaged. I am so much disturbed and my tears are coming every other minute after thinking about her pain. Only way I could see to get some peace was to write about it. I wish She get well soon and she face no more such pain. If i could i would love to take all her pains that she is going through. šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦


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  1. Alisha says:

    Don’t you worry. She will soon be fit and fine. Be strong and support your parents,they need it. Hopefully, she will recover. Have faith. šŸ™‚

    1. vivekexpo says:

      Thankyou alisha…!!! Thanks for the concern and support, it means a lot to me….!!! All i am praying for her to get well soon.

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