Heart Says


Heart is beating , more than normal,

Its coming out, I am not that stronger,

It was in care of you, A gift you accepted,

I know you loved it, As you were also then interested,

But time rounds up, flames fold up,

I thought you will never change,

but now you treat me how strange,

you returned my heart, that made me freezes,

but i cant take it back, I cant collect the pieces,

Heart is bleeding red is everywhere,

pain is killing, is end coming here,

You are the girl, who did it all,

I am blaming myself for being involve,

feelings I have will never vanish for you,

but am not looking up for a life new,

More than normal, heart is beating,

does it want to beat more? or is it its ending…


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  1. amazingishi says:


      1. amazingishi says:


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