A Flying kiss

She kissed her right hand and sprinkled it towards me. I was looking at her with moist eyes, She was also at the verge of crying. I was standing on the door of train, My train was moving and She was on the station and walking trying to match her speed with train with heavy steps, but couldn’t keep up with the pace of train so she left behind and stopped walking, I could still see her standing still on the platform in a black kurti and white Chunri that she bought one night ago with me. We had gone together to the market like always. I also gifted her a red tshirt that night, She loved my gift but I could never saw her in that tshirt as I never saw her again. It was our last night-out together, it was our last dinner together, it was our last ride in an auto rikshaw to our college together, it was the last time I bade her and saw her going inside her hostel. She was leaving the college the next day so I went with her to make her reach safely to her home, I always went along with her whenever she had gone to her home. But on that particular occasion I didn’t want to go because I knew the fact that we were never going to meet again, not even talk again, no contacts at all. It was very hard for me to see her going like that.


I had cried all night. She insisted me to come and I agreed as somewhere deep in my heart I also wanted to go with her to leave her at her home station safely. I wanted to live my last day with her without fighting to her anymore. So like always We went together up to her station and once she met her mom who had come to the station to pick her up, It was now my turn to catch return train to my college. Her last image is still fresh in my mind, that flying kiss, those teary eyes, those red glossy lips, that black kurti and the way she had draped her white chunri on her head like a Ghoongat, because it was raining. She was looking most beautiful of all the days that I had seen her, She was shining, Her lips were glistening her eyes were on me like two sparkling almond shape universe looking at me. And she disappeared in few moments with my train miles ahead of her station. Once she was out of my sight I realized that I am never going to see her again, My throat was galloping, It felt like as I was drowning, I couldn’t breathe, I started to miss her from that moment right on. I left the train’s door and went to my seat. I couldn’t see anyone in the train, it felt like the train was empty, it felt like the whole world is empty. I kept crying on the upper birth of the train, people staring at me, I couldn’t care any less. I was broken because I know this is it, it was the end of us. Just like my train going out of her city I was also going out of her life. Because it was what she wanted from me, no more care, no more love, no more affection, no more talks, no more of me. All of it made her sick, she wanted no more of expectations, no more tears, no more fights, no more complexities, no more of me again. And I had promised. And i told her all her wishes will be done, just like always so I didn’t argue, I was done arguing. The love of my life, which she never considered enough or never accepted had to end. I still have her last photograph with her mom that I clicked, I still have her rubber hair band that she once forgot in my bag. I cried so many miles, my tears were rolling down over my cheeks, I was tired and while crying I fell into sleep like a baby. She was gone and gone were those days when we were together. Her last gesture of love, affection or care, Her flying kiss came to me with the cold breeze while I was on the door of train, I kissed her back with the same affection in the air and we left each other. i never saw her again in real. Though Sometimes I see her in my dreams. She came often in my dreams because She is still in my thoughts. Though her memories are fading and one day her dreams will disappear too just like her.


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  1. ANNU pandey says:

    Loved it. Heart wrenching it is ! Can feel the pain

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