Overdose Of Life

Life is the reason of everything, all the happiness, sorrows, smiles, tears, noise, peace are only because of Life.


I never question though
it makes me silly asking some
that emerged from inside
that always restrained my grim

Is it justified to convey
some memories in brain
that flashes when eyes closed
and originate a lethal pain


why do we recollect
their impression that they made
when we are certain of
it was all an act of being fake

Is it a overdose of life
that it becomes hideous in a minute
or is it a flask full of knife
that contains only acute antiques

how do we explain
the big loss and small gain
the less ups and more downs
are gonna give us someday crown

i never look for answers though
but it makes me relax getting some
That Force me to get going
with the flow whatever may come

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