The Tourist

Being a tourist in someone’s life and setting some magnificent memories for them is the only motto for most people these days. This motto emerges not by intention but by chance I guess. Its the lifestyle of our generation that creates tourists out of an ordinary person every second. Sometimes we are the tourist in somebody’s life and sometimes a tourist come in our life with great package, expectations and promises.  I’ve had many tourists in my life. Some of them loved me, some of them took care of me, some came along with my life style, some took advantages, some cheated on, some became jewel of my life and some of them did everything that I mentioned. They make you feel special, make you feel that you are the most smartest and ideal person they have ever seen. Some of them criticize you and feedback you negative, curse you bad or hate you by heart. It depends on tourist to tourist. They will make you laugh with their utmost practise of making you happy, they will wipe your tears when you are down and heading towards a broke. Or they will create problems to make your life difficult or they will become the reason of complexities in your life.They will do every possible act of being a tourist just so that their journey can become easy and smooth. They do it because they know its not only you who are happy or sad but it also gives pleasure to them and a reason to move on. These are the tourists, you will give them a name, maybe your best friends, your girlfriend, your teacher, your boss your enemy. anyone who you admire or loath or give you their attention or want them out of your life. You will keep them in your preference list next to your family or maybe over your family or maybe nowhere.


                    In the mean time you will not even realize that you too are nothing but a tourist in their life, you are also a name for them, may be a friend , boyfriend or maybe nothing. And the time when you realize what you meant in your tourist life, its too late. They are either gone from your life or abandoned you in the middle. Just like a tourist. You will then summarize whole story and piece by piece activities of them and you will find it very fare when you will relate it to today’s lifestyle, it may be fare but its painful. they came to your city or maybe you went to their or may be you both met at a common place, they looked for accommodation in the city of your heart, or you looked for some shelter in a new city for some time. You both were in a journey and now just for some time you are the part of a common journey. Sometimes its you who host your tourist and sometimes you are the tourist yourself.  You both got along with each other to find some comfort in each other company knowing all of this is only temporary. You went out with each other, you loved each other, you made promises, you laughed, you cried, you hugged, you kissed. And eventually one day when your package of 3 days 4 nights or anything like a 2 years course or a 4 years degree come to an end, its time to say bye to all those temporary tents that u made out of nothing in woods. To burn that particular church house that always stands in the middle of the town of your heart where you always found peace together.  You may cry or you may celebrate when you call it off or when you took out the the last knot of connection with your tourists.  So just like a tourist they live in this hotel to complete their trip, they created memories in their temporary shelter and then they were gone leaving only walls behind with the scribbles on them written from their own hands, some of them were beautiful, magical and treat to remember. While some of them were dark, nasty, creepy and hurtful. They were of all kinds……
So thanks to all the tourists of my life who are still there with me walking along with me believing in my capabilities and my affection for them. And thanks to those who left me in the mid way when their purpose was served when their needs were fulfilled who thought leaving me will be a great idea to move on with life. Who definitely left their footprints in my delicate life. I miss you. (Not so much) I respect you. And i welcome all the future tourists of my life who are at a brink to take entry in my life and make my life more beautiful and bright or even competitive. I am ready to learn more about this business, I am ready to learn more about life. I welcome you with both my arms wide open.


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  1. Rijin Raj says:

    Never thought of someone can describe a “Tourist ” like this also. Hats off “Vivek”!

  2. Heather Sage Rain says:

    Absolutley beautiful post, and beautifully written. I too love travel, and meeting new people, and hearing of cultures. I as well am getting ready to start a fantasy novel. I had am actually gonna scrap a novel I was working on, I got 100 pages into into and my views changed. It was a christian romance, and was looking very good I might add, but I became spiritual. You write very very well. You paint a very good picture with your words. You will do very well when you are ready to publish your works. ❤

    1. vivekexpo says:

      Thank you very much @heather for your kind words, I am really happy that my post could make you happy about it. Start travelling and meet new people, it adds more meaning to life and start your fantasy novel too while keep your old project alive as well, wish you luck for your novels and future endeavors. And thank you again, I am really really glad that You liked my writing. Happy blogging..!! ❤

  3. I like the idea of presenting different meaning for tourist. 😁

    1. vivekexpo says:

      Thankyou tourist…!!! 🙂

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