Rape : Good Luck India. Way To Go.

I read women getting raped everyday, i read justice not being served to the victims. I read criminals laughing on our face walking around with no fear. I read cases being stretched to years in a dying hope that punishment will be served to criminals. I watched documentary on the person who raped, he is not even worth to call a human. He would have been dead by now if this country had any law. i watched them giving statements as if they are hero. I watched their face which had no sign of fear or guilt.

woman crying sad sketch-94410

I watched new Prime Minister being elected. I watched him giving speeches on world stage. I watched him making fun of opposition and making big promises. That’s it. Yes that’s it. I watched no change in the law. Law for women safety, creation of fearsome law for rape. I am in anger on reading and watching this all. My blood is just gushing out of the veins in anger, my eyes have blood shots within. This is me who is yet to become a victim. This is me who have not yet faced any such inhumane situation in personal life. This is me who is just a spectator in this fucking criminology. I am such in an anger that i can kill for same reason if time comes. Now I think about those who have been suffering from all this. Whose sister was gang raped and brutally murdered while coming home from work. Whose daughter was raped in a moving bus and thrown on road naked. Whose friend was molested outside a bar in public. I dont know how the relatives of those victims are even controlling their anger of not getting justice yet. May be they dont believe in this country’s law anymore. May be they have settled themselves with their fate. May be some of them still have hopes.

Or may be there are some people who will take guard and come in front just to seek justice. Some of them will try to get it by legal way or some people will take law in their hands because they are frustrated with the system and they know, to be a killer among killers is the only way to get peace. Or may be this is the only way to get justice in our country. Because i saw today mob took charge and beat to death a person accused of raped. This will only increase the chaos, people will become hungry, they will set examples like this. And one day an innocent would be killed by an angry mob. Because there is no law. With the increase in chaos this will only lead to more casualties. More frustration, more anger. And this country will be burning one day with this internal heat created by its own people. This country has no hopes. This is just one of the thousands problem associated with India. Rape, dowry, caste system, honor killing, population, scams, corruption are just the few names of them. Good luck India, way to go.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. nikhil agrawal says:

    Dude..u write very effective.I wish ur words could rouse revolutions one day.. Let my best wishes be with u..

    1. vivekexpo says:

      Thanks bhai, i hope i will improve myself with coming time….

  2. annupandey says:

    Well-envisaged the future lawless India.

  3. vivekexpo says:

    thanks annu for your thought…… 🙂

  4. Rijin Raj says:

    You are fabulous writer. The stuff touched my heart . Good luck vicky 🙂

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